Name: Victoria

Occupation: Caretaker/Community Activist

Victoria lives with her granddaughter in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside in BC Housing.  She grew up on a reservation and later moved to Vancouver.  She is a mother of three and a grandmother of one.  She studied social work at school for 3 years, but her osteoarthritis became too painful and she was unable to finish her studies.  She has been on welfare for the last two years.  Victoria has struggled with accessing services for herself and her granddaughter.  Her daughter has been doing well for 5 years, but she is waiting patiently for her to be ready to take her child back.

We support raising welfare rates and providing universal child care. Welfare rates are completely inadequate and have not been increased since 2007, while the cost of living has risen substantially in that time. Child care fees in BC are the highest in the country and the second highest expense for families after rent.

“I think [universal childcare] would really help the single parents to go back to school and into the workforce.”