Name: Tracey Brillon

Occupation: First Nations Advocate

Tracey grew up in Port Edward, a small community in northern BC. She dreamed of becoming a lawyer or a nurse but had no access to the necessary education. She worked hard to raise her two children as a single parent. She is currently unemployed and looking for work, but is normally employed in the non-profit sector developing programs for people living in poverty to benefit her First Nations community. Tracey sees great need for higher wages, lower barriers to employment, and better access to childcare.

We support raising the minimum wage, providing universal child care and addressing the issues of marginalized groups. Aboriginal people are significantly more likely to live in poverty than non-Aboriginals, and we need to acknowledge and tackle this problem.

“We need to stop corporate welfare, we need people to have fair wages, decent hours, and benefits with the jobs they have! $12 per hour is not enough to live on!”