Name: Theresa Dettling

Occupation: Student

Theresa works and studies in the Vancouver metropolitan area.  She struggles with the high cost of tuition, and it is only because she received a bursary from a private citizen that she hasn’t dropped out of school.  Childcare is also a huge concern for her. The cost of proper daycare is substantial, and as her daughter has aged her funding has been reduced.  Theresa is doing her best to raise an emotionally stable, well-rounded 5 year old while attending university, working the graveyard shift, and making time to run errands, sleep, and fill out a myriad of government forms in between.

We support reducing tuition fees for post-secondary education, providing universal child care and raising the minimum wage. Tuition fees and student debt are at an all-time high in BC. Child care costs are among the highest in Canada. And the minimum wage, even with the recent increase, doesn’t lift a worker above the poverty line.

“It’s not fair to my daughter…If you formulate these policies wrong, it’s really the children who are going to suffer. And if these children are not raised properly, they do not grow up and they do not contribute anything to society.”