Name: Terry Nelson

Occupation: Community Activist

Terry grew up in Regina, Saskatchewan, and now lives in Vancouver. He struggled with health issues and addiction in his youth, but went into recovery when he was 35 and has been doing well ever since. He dreamed of being an actor or performer, but ultimately had to give up his efforts due to declining health. He currently struggles to get by on disability, and has a lot of difficulty accessing adequate health care and nutrition for himself and his condition. He finds the cost of living, especially unaffordable housing, to be troubling issues in BC.

We support raising disability rates and providing more social housing. An income of $906 per month ($10,782 annually) is far below the poverty line, and housing costs are a significant challenge.

“The cost of living here is soaring, yet our cheques are still at the level of about 10 years ago. The last increase was at $35, which was a slap in the face to all of us. How are we expected to live like this? I do not live “high on the hog” nor want to. But as I am unable to work, why am I being punished? That’s how I feel.”