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Email your political leaders below and tell them you want a poverty reduction plan for BC. It will only take 30 seconds of your time but will have a long-lasting impact.

We Need a Poverty Reduction Plan for BC!

Dear Leaders,

We are working harder than ever before and still falling behind. Earnings should be enough to lift people above the poverty line and income assistance must provide a way out of deep poverty so that people can get back on their feet.

I am shocked at the levels of poverty and homelessness in a society as wealthy as ours. At 11.5%, BC has the highest poverty rate in Canada. Yet BC is one of only two provinces left without a comprehensive poverty reduction plan. BC is falling behind and people are paying the price.

This is a critical issue throughout the province. So I’m writing to urge you to commit to a poverty reduction plan for BC with legislated targets and timelines.

To effectively combat poverty and inequality in BC, it must be comprehensive and include raising income assistance rates and the minimum wage, as well as providing public goods, such as social housing, universal child care, improved access to training and education, and enhanced health care.

The time is now!



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