Name: Sue Collard

Occupation: Retail Worker

Sue is currently couch-surfing in Fort Langley, having been evicted after a 2 and a half year dispute with her landlords over a leaking roof. Through this ordeal, she became a housing advocate and Chair of the local ACORN chapter. She has a 20-year old son with multiple disorders in 5 different categories. Having started work at age 15, she is currently working at a retail store in Surrey, earning just over the minimum wage. She has an MA in English and has taught as an instructor at UBC.

We support raising the minimum wage and providing more protection for renters. The increased minimum wage of $10.25 an hour still does not lift workers above the poverty line. Mass evictions and rising rents are significant issues in BC and the provincial government continues to ignore them. We need to tighten up rent control regulations.

“It’s about insecurity…Will I be able to buy my kid new shoes? I don’t know. Will I be able to buy my medication? I don’t know…We need to absolutely rethink the system, outside our current winners and losers model.”