Name: Sonny Gill

Occupation: Farm Worker

Sonny lives in Abbotsford with her daughter-in-law and her granddaughter. Both her husband and her son have passed away. She is in her late 60s now. She struggles to make ends meet on her pension. Prior to retiring, she picked berries for 14 years. When she first started picking berries, they paid 22 cents per pound; now, they pay 40 cents. She feels that there should be more services and care for the elderly in BC.

We support providing all workers at least the minimum wage and providing universal child care. Many immigrant farmworkers work for less than the minimum wage because they are paid based on the amounts they harvest and the “piece rate” is very low. BC currently has among the highest child care fees in the country so affordable childcare would make a significant difference to lifting families above the poverty line.

“My son died, it’s just me and my daughter-in-law now.  I have to look after my granddaughter so my daughter-in-law can go to work.”