Name: Rose Henry

Occupation: On-Call Worker/First Nations Human Rights Advocate

Rose sees poverty as part of a long history of oppression. She came to Victoria with hopes of getting an education to get out of poverty but she struggled as a student and a single parent. She was no longer able to continue at school when band funding was restructured. She and her partner struggle every month with the high cost of living. She has skipped a lot of meals because her family needed food. She continues to work hard to make ends meet and advocate for aboriginal rights in her community.

We support addressing the issues of marginalized groups as part of a comprehensive poverty reduction plan. Aboriginal people are significantly more likely to live in poverty than non-Aboriginals. We need to acknowledge and tackle this problem.

“Working wherever I could, with no education, means you just take whatever job that comes your way. I’m doing on call work. One week, I’ll have anywhere from 30 to 40 hours of paid work. And then, I might not have any work for another five or six weeks. That’s the cycle of poverty I’ve been trying to deal with.”