Name: Rauf Cassim

Occupation: Community Activist

Rauf recently landed in Canada in order to be closer to his family. He is highly educated in the field of business, and has been a successful manager at insurance companies in Norway and Sri Lanka, but is struggling to find work in his field in BC. While greatly appreciating his low wage job that he has, he always assumed he would be able to provide more financially for his wife. He is eager to contribute more to society in BC but fears that he will never be able to do that with his current earnings.

We support raising the minimum wage and providing more support for recent immigrants as they are significantly over-represented among BC’s poor. The non-transferability of their skills is a huge issue, leaving them stuck in low-wage work.

“When I speak to people who know my background and tell them about my part-time job they always ask, ‘Why the hell are you doing that job Rauf?’ To which I reply, ‘because i have to!’ I can’t just be dependent on my hard working daughter.”