Name: Preeti Misra

Occupation: Bank Call Centre Employee

Preeti grew up in India, where she received both her master’s and PhD and then worked as a community development consultant.  Since immigrating to Canada in 2002, however, she has been unable to find a job in her field.  She now works at a bank call centre in Vancouver and commutes to work from Surrey, where she lives with her 7 year old son.  Although she owns her own home, her mortgage takes up nearly half her income.  She also volunteers her time and wisdom within her community.

We need more support for recent immigrants and a living wage. Recent immigrants are significantly over-represented among BC’s poor and the non-transferability of their skills is a significant issue. A living wage would make a difference because it provides enough to at least meet basic needs.

“When I try to look for a job in my field, normally they don’t really recognize my credentials.  Even if I apply for jobs in my field, I don’t get them.  They will ask for experience here.  I am working for a bank just for a living, and that’s not the kind of experience they’re looking for.  And so much time is going by.”