Name: Nil Alt

Occupation: Pet Care Worker

Nil was born in Istanbul, Turkey. She has a master’s degree and had a professional career as an English translator in her home country. She moved to Vancouver with her husband in late 2011, but they have since divorced and she is having difficulty finding a good job. She feels that immigrant services organizations have not provided enough support to find work in a timeframe that is financially practical.  She has noticed that while Canada recruits skilled and educated immigrants, the bulk of available jobs seem to be in the labour and service industries.

We support raising the minimum wage and providing more support for recent immigrants. Recent immigrants are significantly over-represented among BC’s poor, and are often stuck in low-wage jobs. The increased minimum wage of $10.25 an hour still does not lift workers above the poverty line.

I’m not holding the steering wheel here. The car is going by itself. Once in a while, if I push hard enough, I can change the direction a bit, but now I don’t feel like I’m in control of my life most of the time.”