Name: Maninder Singh

Occupation: Farm Worker

Manwinder came to Canada from India in 1999 and began working on farms in Abbotsford. Both he and his wife worked very hard on the farms for many years but struggled to make ends meet for their family. Manwinder regularly worked 12 hour days but his wages were very low. He was frustrated and surprised by the callous indifference of his supervisors, even when he and his fellow workers suffered injuries. He feels that the government does nothing to solve the problems of farm workers.

We support providing all workers at least the minimum wage and strengthening the Employment Standards Act. Many immigrant farmworkers work for less than the minimum wage because they are paid based on the amounts they harvest and the “piece rate” is very low. Regular, random and unannounced farm inspections should occur to ensure adequate health and safety measures are in place.

“All of the farm workers, they work very hard for very little money.  This is the problem for our community.  It is very hard just to get the little money to feed my family.”