Name: Madeline Arkley

Occupation: Community Volunteer

Madeline came to Canada from Germany.  She has 3 grown children.  She lives in a women’s residence in East Vancouver. She feels safe there because there are security measures in place and staff that are on site 24 hours a day.  She is on disability and struggles to make ends meet.  She never had to rely on services in Germany as she does here in Canada, and feels embarrassed that she now has to access charitable services, such as food banks, in order to get by and take care of herself.

We support raising disability rates and building more social housing. An income of $906 per month ($10,782 annually) is significantly below the poverty line. As housing costs continue to rise without a corresponding increase in disability benefits, those living on disability are forced to make difficult choices to make ends meet. People on disability have the right to live with dignity, without having to resort to charities.

“I would like to see more social housing for families and single people living alone, and a place where animals are allowed.”