Name: Lisa Poole

Occupation: Student/Teaching Assistant

Lisa is doing a PhD in Sociology. She also works as a Teaching Assistant and has a second job at the Student Learning Commons at SFU, but her work is precarious contract work. She is fortunate to have bought a condo years ago but she can’t afford to live in it now so she rents it out. She also had to sell her car because she couldn’t afford it any more. She now lives with 3 roommates, which makes rent cheaper, but with the cost of food, bills, cell-phone and tuition fees, she often can’t live within her means and goes into debt in order to survive.

We support reducing tuition fees. Average student debt in BC is nearly $27,000 and the student loan interest rate is prime plus 2.5 percent, the highest in Canada. Debt is a significant issue in BC, and we have the highest debt service burden (interest payments) for households in Canada.

“I think debt is a significant issue that often gets overlooked.  We live in a debt society/economy – our economy relies on it since people are not paid a high enough wage to live, particularly welfare and minimum wage… My personal debt is extraordinary and I pay a significant amount of interest per month.”