Name: Larine Clark

Occupation: Cooking Instructor

Larine lives in Powell River. She wants to move to Vancouver to be closer to her elderly mother but has been on the waitlist for BC Housing for 4 years. She was in a car accident in her early 20s, which damaged her spine, but it took her 8 years to get on disability. She only has $100 left for food after paying for other basic needs. She also worries about the cost of ferry fares and heating, which was $250 per month last winter. She is trained as a social worker, fitness instructor and ESL instructor but is currently unemployed. She volunteers teaching cooking lessons to food bank users.

We support raising disability rates and providing more social housing. An income of $906 per month ($10,782 annually) is significantly below the poverty line.

“My biggest financial challenge is finding a place that I can live in, that I can actually afford to and not have to worry myself sick that if I pay this, I can’t pay that, and then I’ll be on the streets – that’s my largest fear, is being homeless…This is not what being a Canadian is all about.”