Name: Kyle Beauliev

Occupation: Preschool Teacher

Kyle teaches pre-school in Vancouver, where she lives with her partner and two children. She emigrated from Australia in 1993 after completing a Bachelor’s of Education that qualified her to teach high school. While working as a nanny in Vancouver, Kyle realized her passion for teaching young children and returned to school to obtain a diploma in Early Childhood Education. However, her wage upon graduation wasn’t enough to pay off the debt from her student loans and the year she spent not working.  She remains optimistic and values her family and community.

We support the $10 a day child care plan to provide affordable child care that fairly compensates its workforce. Early Childhood Educators do not earn wages and benefits that reflect the importance or challenge of the work they do. Many licensed ECE’s live in poverty, yet they are vital to the health and wellbeing of children, families and communities.

“Did I make a mistake?  Should I have gone where my heart and my values and what I desired and felt was more comfortable for me to do, or should I have gone with the possibility of making more money [as a high school teacher], maybe having more stuff…I would rather do the job that I love, do the job that I do well.”