Name: Kalvin Pyke

Occupation: Security Guard

Kalvin is a 42 year old Jamaican man who was born and raised in Toronto.  As a young child he suffered abuse and came to BC when he was 18. When he arrived, he was homeless and was bothered incessantly by the police. He feels they were biased because of his skin colour and status as a street person.  He now lives in Surrey, and has a full time job working graveyard shifts as a security guard. Budgeting on his current wage is difficult, and affording food is an issue.  In addition to working, he also spends a significant amount of time engaging in self-development activities.

We support raising the minimum wage. Most people living in poverty have a job, and many more are two pay cheques away from being in poverty. The increased minimum wage of $10.25 an hour still does not lift workers above the poverty line.

“I got off welfare after I wrote the security guard test, and so basically after I wrote the security guard test I started to make some positive changes.”