Name: June Sanders

Occupation: Educator

June grew up in a small town near Kamloops and now lives in Vancouver in the Commercial Drive area. She recently finished an education degree, and is concerned about entering a job market that has become flooded in recent years. She also sees a lot of exploitation in the industry in the form of “teacher on call” positions. Due to all these difficulties, June doesn’t see much of a future for herself if she remains in Vancouver.

We support reducing tuition fees and improving employment standards. Average student debt in BC is nearly $27,000 and the student loan interest rate is prime plus 2.5 percent, the highest in Canada. On-call work is unpredictable and precarious and often does not provide enough hours for extended health benefits.

“There’s a lot of unemployed teachers, struggling to get by. When you do get work, it’s quite good, but up until that point it’s a big struggle, I think.”