Name: Jonah Thomas

Occupation: Community Volunteer

Jonah lives in Victoria. He is involved with a group called AIDS Vancouver Island, who work to prevent infection, provide support, and reduce stigma. When he was younger, he wanted to become a doctor, but he struggled to muster the confidence to get into university. Due to an accident on the job and his challenges with addiction and recovery, Jonah is now on disability. He also does odd jobs when he can. Jonah struggles daily with access to proper nutrition and safe housing.

We support raising disability rates and providing more social housing. An income of $906 per month ($10,782 annually) is far below the poverty line, and housing costs are a significant challenge. People on disability have the right to live with dignity, without having to resort to charities.

“I believe there needs to be courage in the city and the province. We are still human beings even if we are struggling and we need to be heard. The poor need to feel like we’re being listened to.”