Name: JJ

Occupation: Life Skills Counsellor

JJ has lived in New Westminster for 11 years. She is a soon-to-be grandmother.  In the 1970s, she went to Edmonton and completed a clerical typist program, but she missed BC and decided to return home.   She recently experienced a workplace injury and is currently focusing on recovery and self-healing.  She is grateful that her landlord lowered her rent when her income was reduced, and feels relieved to have come off disability assistance recently thanks to her receipt of some pension funds.  She enjoys offering support to friends and is working to keep stress out of her life.

We support raising disability rates because an income of $906 per month ($10, 872 annually) is significantly below the poverty line. As housing costs continue to rise without a corresponding increase in disability benefits, those living on disability are forced to make difficult choices to make ends meet.

“It’s only going to get worse…There’s got to be something in place for people to have some kind of funding, call it a pension, call it what you want, where we shouldn’t have to live in such horrific poverty.”