Name: Jessica Faulds

Occupation: Barista

Jessica is 29 years old.  Originally from Edmonton, she has lived in various cities across Canada and now resides in Vancouver.  She has an undergraduate degree in English and is professionally trained as drummer but so far has been unable to obtain a steady job using her education.  She tries to keep her skills sharp when she’s not at her grocery store job, where she works 40 hours per week to make ends meet.  To save money, she shares a house with four other people.  Her room is in the attic, where there is no insulation or lighting.

We support raising the minimum wage. Most people living in poverty have a job, and many more are two pay cheques away from being in poverty. The increased minimum wage of $10.25 an hour still does not lift workers above the poverty line.

“My least favourite aspect [of my job] is that I would never choose to do this… it takes up so much energy and so much time, and the schedule is irregular so it’s just this thing that you don’t particularly want to do that breaks your life into these weird fragments and unmanageable chunks of time so you can’t really do anything you would like to do.”