Name: Grace

Occupation: Community Volunteer

Grace is a 45 year old Filipino immigrant who now lives in New Westminster. She came to Canada in 2008 with her then-husband and four young boys. Prior to immigrating, she was diagnosed with Lupus, but her condition has become significantly worse in the past few years.  Her memory, eyesight and motor skills have deteriorated.  Despite her physical and financial challenges, Gloria takes pride in her self-efficiency and enjoys helping others. When well enough, she assists other recent immigrants in building resumes and finding employment. Where she is from, Canada is considered to be a land of opportunity, but she now regrets coming here.

We support raising welfare and disability rates, and providing more support for recent immigrants, such as transitional housing and language services. Recent immigrants are significantly over-represented among BC’s poor and unemployed.

“Back home other countries [are considered] a ‘greener pasture.’ [But] back home, even if you don’t work for five days, you don’t worry much because back home you have your own house.”