Name: Dora Lee

Occupation: Nightshift Worker

Originally from China, Dora moved to Vancouver three years ago. At the time, she was pregnant and hoped for a better life for her child. Unfortunately, her husband didn’t receive his visa for another two years so she took care of her newborn son by herself. After her husband arrived, they both had trouble finding meaningful work. They cannot afford child care so he works during the day and she works at night stuffing flyers. She earns only $16,000 a year, and his part-time security job barely pays for their heating costs during the winter.

We support raising the minimum wage, providing universal child care, and providing more support for recent immigrants. Recent immigrants are significantly over-represented among BC’s poor, and are often stuck in low-wage jobs.

“Since I sponsored my husband, I was told I could not apply for any social welfare until he stayed in Canada for three years. The visa took about two years, it is about 5 years we can not apply for anything, including BC housing, welfare and so on. The first five years is the most difficult time for new immigrants, especially for family with children under 5 years old.”