Name: Donna Howe

Occupation: Nurse’s Assistant

Donna is a single parent in her late 50s. She works at a residential care facility but is currently in a dispute with management and has been forced to take the last 2 months off as medical leave without pay. She feels that she is being bullied by her employer who wants to hire younger staff for less money. She is getting by on savings but fears she won’t have enough money to pay her rent in the next few months. She has no money to go back to school to re-train and is concerned about her future.

We support a living wage and improved employment standards that protect workers. A living wage is above the poverty line but still only provides a bare-bones budget. It reflects what a family (two earners, two children) needs to meet their basic needs. For Vancouver, it is now $19.14.

“I don’t know what to do. I’m fighting to stay in my job even though it’s a hostile work environment. I really have no other choice.”