Deborah Charbrand

Name: Deborah M. Charbrand

Occupation: Community Volunteer

Deborah lives in east Vancouver with her 3 cats.  She has trouble making ends meet on disability, and her hydro costs eat into her funds for everything else.  Her current apartment is mouldy and she has trouble with pests.  She’d like to move into social housing, but the waiting lists are long.  Her partner of 20 years passed away in 2006.  Because they had been separated previously, she was denied access to his pension, even though they were living together when he got sick and he passed away in their shared home.

We support raising the disability rates and building more social housing. An income of $906 per month ($10,782 annually) is significantly below the poverty line, and housing costs are a significant challenge. There is a severe shortage of publicly subsidized housing in BC, and many people have to wait years before they are able to live in an affordable rental unit.

“I pay $700 a month [for rent].  My place is all mouldy and everything.  I could live in a not mouldy house [if I lived in social housing].”