Name: Debbie Ventura

Occupation: Community Volunteer

Debbie lives with her husband and her three cats in an apartment in east Vancouver. Debbie receives disability but it only just covers her needs. Her housing cost is going up in November and she and her husband are worried about the increase. Their home is generally sufficient for their needs, although parts of it are unsafe. Debbie is frustrated by the foster care and adoption system. She and her brother were both abused while in the system, as was her own son. She feels that foster homes should be monitored more aggressively to avoid future instances of abuse.

We support raising disability rates and building more social housing. An income of $906 per month ($10,782 annually) is far below the poverty line. Also, poverty is a significant factor in Aboriginal children being taken away from their families and placed in foster care, and we need to address this underlying problem.

“I have a disability.  My husband isn’t disabled but he’s blind in one eye…We survive any way that we can.”