Debbie S

Name: Debbie Stirling

Occupation: Records Clerk

Debbie lives in Victoria. Previously from a two income household where there were constant struggles to make ends meet from paycheque to paycheque, Debbie has now been reduced to a single parent income and faced with the challenges of financially providing for a 10 year old and 17 year old. She is thankful to have her position within the provincial government, however, she knows there are no such things as guarantees anymore when it comes to job security.

We support providing a living wage and raising the thresholds of low-income benefits. A living wage is above the poverty line but still only provides a bare-bones budget to meet basic needs. Currently, many low-income benefits begin to be reduced at income thresholds that are far too low. This means that an increase in earnings can result in little improvement to a family’s living situation or may even leave a household further behind.

“The days of being financially stable, even for those in two income families are over. Many are faced with falling between the cracks in the system and struggling as the working poor. They make too much to qualify for any program assistance with daycare or rent, however they don’t make enough to actually afford the necessities.”