Name: Clinton Pickett

Occupation: Book Store Employee

Clinton wants to be a full-time worker but his employer only allows a maximum of 12 hours per week. So, although Clinton earns $19.74 per hour, he is not eligible for benefits and is struggling to get by. He has been living on credit cards for the last 6 years and has $6000 in credit card debt, as well as $106,000 in student debt. After paying $750/month to live in a cockroach-infested place, he is now grateful to live in a social housing co-op, after being on a waitlist for 6 years.

We support improving employment standards, reducing tuition fees, and providing more social housing.  There is a severe shortage of publicly subsidized housing in BC, and many people have to wait years before they are able to live in an affordable rental unit.

“We need a government that improves conditions around students and workers.”