Name: Chris Hofley

Occupation: Call Centre Worker/Disability Rights Activist

Chris lives and works in New Westminster. He works hard as a call centre employee, but still struggles to make ends meet because of low wages and the high cost of living. His cost of living is amplified by his limited mobility. In his spare time, he works to advocate for other folks with disabilities who are struggling to gain self-sufficiency. 

We support raising the minimum wage and providing more social housing. Most people living in poverty have a job, and many more are two pay cheques away from being in poverty. The increased minimum wage of $10.25 an hour still does not lift workers out of poverty. In fact, a person living in a large city in BC working full-time for the whole year would still be about $3000 below the poverty line.

“When I advocate for other people in chairs, I’d like for the situation with the government not to be so adversarial. Some of these things should just be common necessity. But it’s not, it’s a big struggle and you have to be able to justify what you’re doing…  It’s not about a person’s quality of life, it’s about dollars and cents.”