Name: Carrie Zhang

Occupation: Editor

Carrie is originally from southern China, and studied in Beijing.  She has a masters in journalism. She came to Vancouver for new opportunities for her and her daughter, but she has experienced many struggles. She has felt manipulated and without a voice in issues surrounding her housing. Her credentials are not recognized, and the work she has been able to get has been manual labour. She has also had to give up positions because she could not make them work with her daughter’s schedule, and the cost of child care is too great.

We support providing more social housing, more protection for renters, increased support for immigrants and a universal child care plan. Recent immigrants are significantly over-represented among BC’s poor, and are often stuck in low-wage jobs. BC currently has among the highest child care fees in the country so affordable childcare is needed.

“Since I moved [to this housing], my friends said to me, ‘why don’t you move out, if you suffer there?” I can’t predict what will happen, even if I move to a different unit.  The law is there…  But the people [enforcing it], they are not sympathetic [to our struggles].”