Name: Apryll Testa

Occupation: Hospitality Industry Worker/Cleaner

Apryll is a single mother living in Burnaby with two of her four children (two are grown and moved out). She has hospitality industry jobs at 2 local sports entertainment centres, as well as a side job doing private cleaning contracts, but makes only $25,000 per year. She has to use credit cards to get by and part of her pay goes to pay off the interest on her debt. She makes sacrifices like sleeping in the living room of her 2-bedroom apartment so her two teenage kids have bedrooms, but still manages to keep her spirits high.

We support raising the minimum wage. With an inadequate minimum wage, many people have to work more than one job to makes ends meet. Debt is also a significant issue in BC – we have the highest household debt in Canada.

“I had to raise  all 4 of my kids alone for most of their lives, that’s just the way it is, I got to do what I got to do to get by. It’s no big deal. In the end it’s always the same with money: every time I make it, they take it.”