This project would not be possible without all the people who stood up and told their stories of the struggles they are facing in their lives. Too often these stories go unspoken, but these people came forward to make them visible because they wanted to make a real difference, not only in their own lives, but in the lives of the half a million British Columbians who are facing similar challenges. We thank them for their bravery and strength!

This project is sponsored by ACORN Canada, and I thank John Anderson for all his work engaging low-income members in the project.

Kelly Christensen was the intern for the project and took on many of the responsibilities of Project Coordinator. He put in countless hours to get this project off the ground and demonstrated his passion for the issues and the people facing them. Thanks so much Kelly!

Thanks also to the following community organizations who hosted a focus group for the project:

– Parents in Poverty
– DTES Women’s Centre Seniors Group
– AIDS Vancouver Island
– Abbotsford Community Services

Last but definitely not least, a group of dedicated students and volunteers worked on the project, and I thank them for their time and passion:

– Michele Morucci (Interviewer)
– Erin Davis (Interviewer)
– Damien Baumgart (Photographer)
– Kelsi Cox (Interviewer)
– Nicole Luongo (Interviewer)
– Virginia Dowdell (Interviewer)